"Mix three parts chemist with seven parts artist, and you'll barely be onto the formula for Darril Otto's magical ways with walls . . . "  -Decorating Magazine, Meredith Publishing

Darril Otto is both an artist and a businessman, but always, it is the art that leaves you breathless, when you see what he and his team have done.  -Alicia Stevens | Design / Write / Style  |  Minneapolis – New York

We had the pleasure of working with Darril and the team from Otto Painting Design as we restored a historic Lake Minnetonka estate. From helping to restore classically
appointed rooms to developing character and consistency for new spaces, they delivered extraordinary results and exceptional artistry. We simply couldn’t be happier with the outcome.   -Michael and Berit Francis


We have lived in our condo for 7 years and while there might be a few things we would change today, the Venetian plaster walls remain a constant. We think the Otto team is great for their uniqueness, and high quality of work. Our guest bath finish is a work of art in every way.   -Mary and Bob Mersky


“The Italian plaster applied by Darril & his crew is a true work of art. The interplay of light with the surface is a source of warmth & glow that is always satisfying. Whether it’s a cozy winter fire, or a summer sunset our walls dance with light. The wall treatment from Otto Painting Design is the most talked about feature of our house & easily the best investment we have made in our new home.”    -Tom & Rebecca Lowe

“We call on Otto Painting Design for all of our specialty finishes. Their amazing can-do attitude and craftsmanship combined with competitive pricing makes them a perfect partner for Reuter Walton Construction.”        -Nick Walton, Reuter Walton Construction

"When we renovated our new home, we wanted to capture the feel and depth of the walls we had in the 100 year old house we were moving from. The balance between the warmth and coolish calm that we felt from our well-worn plaster walls. When our designer heard that, she immediately recommended Otto Painting Design. Now that the project is complete, we couldn't be happier with the result. Darril and his team were first rate in working with us to get just the right texture, color and depth for our walls. The overall effect is exactly what we were hoping for. Thank you, Otto Painting Design."  -Nick and Wendy Brown

"Darril is a true artist. The difference between him and other specialty painters is that he just gets it. His work is based on age old techniques and there is an integrity to his work. Not only does his work exceed my expectations every time, the experience is equally as enjoyable. I am completely comfortable for Darril and his team to work in any of my client's homes and highly recommend him to any one thinking of hiring a specialty painter."  -Andrew Flesher Interior Design

"Darril is a delight...a true artist, who is passionate about the world of finishes. I have thoroughly enjoyed the creative partnering involved with Otto Painting Design--together, we get to "think out of the box". Each project is truly unique, taking on its own character and personality through Darril's finishing touches."   -Lucy Penfield, ASID Allied Member/Lucy Interior Design

"Darril and his crew are a truly professional and talented team. The results speak for themselves - a creative and unique addition to our home!"   -Kathy Slowter, Streeter & Associates

"Darril is incredibly knowledgeable and personable. As one client exclaimed after meeting him, he is both an artist and a scientist. He is someone I have collaborated with and trusted on several occasions over the years to finish the intended design statement, no matter how subtle or dramatic."     -Jodi Gillespie Interior Design

"Darril and the entire crew of Otto Painting Design were a pleasure to do business with...Beginning with the initial consultation and culminating with beautifully decorated walls we could not have been happier. The creativity, attention to detail and professionalism was extraordinary!"     -Janet S.

"I love my "rusted" wall. Your execution of my reflection on the outside design of this building is just what I'd hoped. It is stunning and at the same time warm. My friends have been unable to resist touching it to see if it is indeed paint and not rusted metal. It is no longer a wall, but now it is a huge piece of art. Thank you for doing it in time for me to move in. It was the best welcome present I could have."      -Susan B.

"Otto Painting is by far one of the best companies we have worked with on our house.  Some might call them painters or finishers, but in our opinion we consider them true artists.  The creativity and vision that they offer to a project is by far one of their best attributes.  There were times where we just weren’t sure of what to do in an area of our home and Otto Painting offered their creative thoughts to complete the look and appeal of a room and how it blends with the rest of the house.  As we have guests over to our house, Otto Paintings’ work is the focal point and is what is most recognized by visitors.  We are so pleased with the quality of their work and would highly recommend them."     -Mike & Lori Wallace

"We have used Darril's services three times. In our opinion, the Otto Team is respectful, trustworthy, and committed to excellence."     -The Coles


Darril’s experience and artistry was immediately apparent. From his initial visit to the church, he made astute observations and offered an engaging vision. From there he was instrumental in working with our design committee to get just the look we wanted, even when we didn’t know what we wanted at the time. He has a remarkable ability to offer the ideas and vision and then work collaboratively with a diverse
group. His crew was professional, experienced and worked well together. We would look forward to another opportunity to work with Darril.   -Most Holy Trinity Church
St. Louis Park, MN


We have lived with our wonderful waxed plaster walls for a couple of years. They are still amazing to us, and to everyone that visits our home. It is hard to put into words the feeling that comes from being wrapped in the warmth cast by these walls
and ceilings. They are an investment in works of art. I cannot imagine living without them. The walls are magical as they cast their spell on us, from bright morning sunlight, to evening candlelight. An atmosphere of “having been here forever” was
our wish, and Otto Painting Design greatly exceeded our expectations. Darril profoundly contributed to a life well lived, for us in our home. We are proud and honored to know Darril and to be surrounded by his beautiful work.   -Dr. Mark Wilson & Dr. Patty Froeber


I’ve had the grand opportunity to collaborate with artist Darril Otto and his crew multiple times over the past several years. Each and every time, Darril exemplifies the "GOLD standard" in creativity, COLOR, holistic design style and customer service! My client’s rave about the specialty finishes designed and executed by Darril and crew! It is a true pleasure to partner with the Best of the Best! I, wholeheartedly, recommend Otto Painting Design!   -Maureen Haggerty | President, Mint Interior Design